Becoming a Workday expert fast

Fastlane - Workday traineeship by SuccessDay

Becoming a Workday expert fast

My name is Gijs Mutsaers and on January the 1st I started my Workday FastLane traineeship. Allow me to share my impressions from the first weeks!


Workday FastLane trainee

I am an HR-graduate who is interested in the opportunities IT brings to our daily work. Having some experience with Workday from an earlier internship, I decided to apply for this traineeship. What attracted me was the chance to continue learning, while working for a company, and moreover, the opportunity to be hired by that same company at the end of my traineeship.

The goal of the FastLane traineeship is to turn a Young Professional such as me into a Workday consultant within a period of 12 months. It is a training-on-the-job program: the Young Professional is trained while working on a Workday project at one of SuccessDay’s clients. After 12 months I will be hired by the client permanently. The advantage for the client is that they don’t have to invest in my training. On top of that, the training is tailor-made to the client’s needs.


First weeks in the FastLane

In the first weeks of the traineeship the focus was on learning the basics of Workday. I had online one-on-one training sessions with SuccessDay colleagues. We delved into topics such as business processes, absence, and compensation. I also explored how Workday is configured at the client. The one-on-one training and the ability to easily ask questions when I got stuck, results in a fast learning process. After a short period of time, I was already able to do some basic tasks and solve issues for the client. There is also a focus on developing my soft skills, allowing me to not only become a functional expert, but also a worthy consultant for my future colleagues.


What’s next?

My future employer has planned to implement more Workday modules, and also to introduce Workday to more countries. Thanks to the intensive training in my first weeks, I am able to support the client in this implementation process.


Workday Fastlane: a unique experience

The combination of having SuccessDay providing me with a lot of knowledge, and working with the client putting this knowledge into practice, provides me with a unique experience to start my career. Though my focus is on the Workday configuration at the client I work for, I also learned a lot from my colleagues at SuccessDay and the projects or clients they work for. As a result I have much more understanding of the implementation processes of HR information systems. The Coronavirus may put some restrictions on the way we work and meet, but my first impressions with SuccessDay, the client, and the traineeship are absolutely positive! I strongly recommend it to any Young Professional – and to any organization working with Workday.

SuccessDay FastLane - workday traineeship

Interested in our Fast Lane trainees? Read this article on how it works or contact us for more information!

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Gijs Mutsaers

Workday FastLane trainee, currently supporting a client with the further implementation of Workday globally.

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