The 5 cool features I saw at the latest Workday Rising

Workday stock is at an all time high. Some would say it’s overrated. But I think stock value resembles their #1 status in the market for the coming 5-10 years. Why?

Last month I had the joy to visit Workday Rising. The event from Workday to show all the cool new stuff and future plans. This SuccessDay blog reveils the 5 cool things showed at Workday Rising in 2018.

Adaptive insights

Recently Workday acquired Adaptive insights or as they say: Adaptive insights became part of Workday family. Why is this so important? Adaptive Insights is planning software and when it is fully integrated Workday takes a big leap forward in their ability to combine data and start planning. Whether it is budget, headcount or revenue planning it will all be part of Workday soon

Machine Learning

In general the next big thing in HRIT is A.I. or Machine learning. The future is almost there. The examples I have seen are actually very helpful. A recruiter will get suggestions which candidates need attention based on data of previous hires. Also chatbots will be integrated in the system so you can ask questions, schedule meetings etc with a Siri kind of approach

Workday organization studio

In the coming releases you will be able to visualize and build future organizations to see what the impact is. Hence organization scenario planning is there.


Another cool feature is the possibility to use real-time benchmark data from other companies. The only thing you need to do is become part of the network and share your data anonymous to others and they do the same for you. With this benchmarking tool you can do real time analysis to support your data and see you are on the right track. Hence, no need to ask a big consultancy firm for benchmarks or become a member of a bencmarking organistaion. It is all there in the Workday sui


Not a new feature but worthwhile to mention because I discovered it myself recently. Why would you ever outsource any survey to an external company or survey monkey? Via Workday you can make, deploy, measure and analysis any survey you want to any specific group of people. Multiple choice, open questions it is all possible. A very cool feature!

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