Workday 2023R2: what’s new?

SuccessDay blog about the new release of Workday: Workday 2023R2.

Workday 2023R2: what’s new?

Twice a year HCM-operations system Workday issues major updates. The fall release (Workday 2023R2) is coming soon – September 8th to be exact. What to expect? In this blog, Peter Veldman from HR consultancy SuccessDay lists the main new functionalities and changes for you.

The bi-yearly major feature upgrades are designed to increase functionality and enhance the user experience. Preview Tenants are refreshed since August 4th, with updates going live in Production Tenants on September 8th. Earlier, Aitor Cia Lozano, young professional at SuccessDay, stresses the importance of regression testing in the month prior to the go-live of HCM-software releases in his blog. In this blog, his colleague Peter Veldman gives you a sneak peek at what changes you can expect from the Workday release that’s just around the corner. “I would love to share my favorite new updates.”

Like most Workday releases, many updates from Workday 2023R2 center around back-end improvements, which end users won’t notice. A few larger-scale changes came with this round of planned updates, including:

  • Sell time offs (in the Absence module)
    Within the 2023R2 release Workday delivers the ability to configure time offs for selling so that workers can sell their time off within the defined configuration. “This enables workers to manage their time off balance and get paid when they sell their time off. After configuration, Workday automatically adjusts the workers’ time off balance when time off is sold. This is saving employees, managers and HR a lot of time and effort.”
  • Several useful updates in Workday Reporting, including:
    • Reporting Mass Action Task
      Update or replace a field on several reports at once. “Before, you needed to adjust the data in every report by hand, from now on it’s just one click.”
    • Composite Reporting UI Redesign
      Peter: “Workday is making it easier for customers to update prompts more fluidly and edit rows in bulk. Again, this saves a lot of time.”
    • Discovery Board Table Highlights
      On the Table Viz type customers will now be able to apply formatting, such as bold, italic and conditional formatting for either the entire table or specific columns.
    • Scheduled Report Prompt Defaults
      When running the task ‘Schedule a Report’, there is now a checkbox available for ‘Populate Default Prompt Values’. This offers seamless creation of scheduled reports using what is already defined in a custom report. “When scheduling a report with the ‘Determine default value at runtime’ option, the field itself will be provided as the default value. When the report is run in the background and executed, that field will be evaluated.”
  • The HR Partner Hub
    This provides HR partners with a single point of access to workforce movement information and to the reports and dashboards most relevant to their work.
  • Absence: no more workarounds for retrieving average working days per week
    Peter: “In the new release there will be a delivered field to support retrieving the worker’s average working days per week (based on their work schedule) which can be pulled into the calculation engine. A great help in many European deployments, where it is a requirement to calculate holidays based upon the working days per week and not FTE.”

What’s New Report

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Want to know more and learn more about the most significant updates of every module? The experts at SuccessDay compile a What’s New Report for each release, for customers and potential new clients. According to Peter, most customers like to have a clear overview of the new Workday features and functionality in advance, summarized and in order of importance. “It started off as a simple Excel file but has now become a full white paper that we discuss with the customer”, he explains.

In the report, the SuccessDay specialists not only present the most important new features and functionality per module, but they also explain the impact and tell you how much work is involved in successfully implementing and configuring them. Clearly, the Eindhoven-based company can also provide advice and resources. “It’s always best for customers to do this themselves, because their own employees know the HRIT system best, but it can be a challenge to find sufficient resources and expertise, especially with today’s limited labor market. We can help carry the load”, Peter says. “We share ideas, make recommendations and compile a roadmap together with the customer. This way of working is in keeping with the SuccessDay ethos: personal, service-oriented and focused on collaboration and partnership.”

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