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Do your managers and employees embrace the current assessment procedure? Does the candidate experience meet your applicants’ expectations? Are your talents being challenged by an agile process that stimulates continuous development?

We believe that the design of any organisational processes should always be conceived with the end-users’ perspective in mind. After all, they are the customer: the users of the system and the processes. Their enthusiasm is of vital importance for a successful HRIT transformation.

Employee Experience

The employee journey

SuccessDay designs and implements employee journey processes in large international companies and organisations. The focus is on end-to-end employee journey, rather than on simply filling in a number of modules; the customer experience is key. We look at both the technical side – the HRIT system – and the functional side, to ensure the entire chain is operating properly.

How do we achieve this?

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    First of all, we get ourselves acquainted with your organisation. We talk to the stakeholders – and more importantly: we listen to them.

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    Based on the conversations we had, we will make an analysis that identifies the different personas in your organisation.

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    Then we return with a proposal, based on best practices and tailor-made for your organisation.

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    Once we receive the green light, we commence the agile implementation of the change strategy. We work incrementally to advance together from one achieved goal to the next.

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    Finally, we continue to support the organisation to make sure that the (cultural) changes have landed well and have taken root in the organisation.

Process re-design

Process redesign

A modern HR system like Workday, SuccessFactors or Talentsoft offers managers and staff insight in their own data, allowing them to initiate procedures and perform tasks that were previously left to HR. Drawing up job announcements for instance, absence registration or basic personnel administration. Meanwhile, HR develops into a strategic partner who centres the employee experience. This leads to significant changes in the roles and procedures within the organisation, and SuccessDay supports this transition by engaging users in the improvement or re-design of your HR processes.

The success of your implementation depends on managers and employees embracing the new software and the changing processes.

HRIT Supplier selection - SuccessDay

Supplier selection

Let’s suppose you have decided that it is time for a new HRIT system. At what moment would you involve the future users in the process? A week before the system goes live? In the testing phase? While the data are being entered or when the system is being set up…?

SuccessDay takes managers and employees along in the transformation even before you start talking to potential suppliers. What is the vision behind the transformation? What are the wishes and demands that the system should meet according to its users? The requirements for an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) lead to a shortlist of suppliers who can demonstrate their product on the basis of relevant use cases, allowing your clients to try out the system. This way, each step centres the employee experience so user adoption starts well before the purchase of a specific system.


User Adoption

What determines the success of any HRIT/HCM transition? Exactly because of the large impact on management and staff – your customers – a supple implementation depends to no small extend on good user guidance. SuccessDay specialises change management and user adoption. We analyse the different roles within your organization and provide the proper training and support, so all employees can work with the new software and experience the benefits of the HR transformation themselves.

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