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HR Strategy

So you have your Strategy set.

And know where to go?….

One of the most important but complex parts of having strategic goals is to make them work. From the boardroom all the way down to the HR teams and the managers and employees of the company. What do you stand for as a company and how does that look like in the day to day business, and how can HR-Tech solutions help you achieve your goals.

SuccessDay understands your challenge and doesn’t stop when it gets complicated. We peel that onion, step by step to set up your HR Target Operating Model that represents your HR strategy and is supported by the right roles and HR-tech tools.

We provide:

  • Senior Management Consultants that understand your (HR) Strategy
  • Establish a future-proof and realistic HR-Tech roadmap
  • (Re)defining your HR Target Operating Model
  • Business Case for the HR transformation


SuccessDay understands the challenges, we know what it takes to convince Senior Management, overcome cultural differences but also what’s needed supporting the change in every small technical step that needs to be taken.

SuccessDay HCM HRIT software and vendor selection

HCM / HRIT software & vendor selection

What is the objective of the HCM system under consideration? What is its business impact? Which requirements are involved, and which ones are the most important? Only when clear answers are provided to questions like these can suitable vendors be approached. Not only for a demo, but also for building a user case. This will really demonstrate how the HRIT system can work specifically for your organization.

Has the decision been made? We then assist with a review of the contract and if necessary advise your purchasing department. We also advise on the choice of implementation partner. In doing so, we do not only pay attention to the technically most competent party, but also to the ‘cultural fit’ with your organization.

Organization readiness quickscan gap analysis HR maturity check

Organization readiness: quickscan, gap analysis, HR maturity check

You have found the HCM system that is ideal for your organization and have found the implementation partner. Let’s get started, shall we?

Not so fast. The success of the implementation, as well as the subsequent adoption by employees, depends on more than just HRIT systems and specialists. That is why we recommend first examining whether your organization is ready for the digital transformation you want to undertake. SuccessDay has developed methodologies, where we look at

  • whether the organization already has data and process standards,
  • how advanced the organization is in its (digital) transformation of the HR department (HR Maturity),
  • how the proposed project organization is set up:
    • does the organization have all the roles needed during implementation?
    • do these appointees have the right competencies and do they have enough time? These resources in particular are often underestimated, in our experience.
  • and last but not least: which are the proposed project timelines.

The result is an advisory report with recommendations. We call this the Organizational Readiness Check.

Phase 0 standardizing data and processes

Phase 0: standardizing HR data & processes

A logical follow-up to the Organizational Readiness Check is Phase 0: establishing the route from the current to the desired situation.

Now that we know what processes and data the organization does or does not have, we can set standards and map out the route to greater HR Maturity. We do this based on our best practices. By stepping away from an organization’s own frame of reference, it will allow for more growth.

SuccessDay helps establish data and process standards according to the desired employee journey. Think about a job catalogue, the definition of an FTE and so on. We set up design principles to meet and support the agreed business case. We also establish Project Fundamentals (Governance, Risk & Issue Log, etc.) to ensure a smooth start of the implementation. In short: we ensure that the organization is ready for a swift implementation.

SuccessDay HRIT Implementation Specialists

HRIT Implementation Specialists

A digital transformation and HRIT implementation require specific roles and skills, which not every organization has in-house.

If needed, SuccessDay supports clients with (client project) roles during the implementation. We introduce employees who are not only experienced, but can also adapt like no other to the organization in which they come to work. We do this with proven methodologies and with a quality assurance that is unique in the market.

Roles in which we provide support include:

  • Project managers & PMO
  • Change managers
  • Data & Test leads
  • Functional leads (HCM lead, Talent & Performance lead, Learning lead, Timetracking lead)
  • Business analysts

All of our people are trained in any of the HRIT systems that may result from our vendor selection and experienced with our implementation methodology. Our approach is pragmatic, customer-focused and is supported by our proven SuccessDay Quality Assurance methodology. This includes reporting that the customer receives from us every two to three weeks, which allows for timely adjustments if necessary.


After go-live support: Smooth Landing

Finally, the new system is live! But what feels like a celebration for the project team, it is not always experienced that way by the user. It takes getting used to, exploring, trial and error. In no time, the internal support organization is flooded with questions, issues and tickets.

SuccessDay supports during and after go-live thereby achieving a smooth landing and user acceptance.

During the go-live, the implementation partner only fixes technical problems. The internal support organization is typically just getting set up and is often overwhelmed by the number of (non-technical) questions from colleagues, such as forgotten passwords or “how does this work again?” questions.

SuccessDay focuses on manager and employee satisfaction, user acceptance, and supports organizations in achieving a ‘smooth landing’. We create and lead a war room and solve (also non-technical) issues. We do everything in our power to give the user the right experience. We simultaneously ensure that the customer’s support team is equipped with the right knowledge and information. We will not close the door behind us until the customer is sufficiently equipped and confident to continue the journey independently!

After go-live support-workday-AMS

After go-live support: Workday Application Managed Services (AMS)

Sit back and relax after going live? Forget about it! An IT system needs constant maintenance. The software package is updated, which means that new releases must be implemented and technical incidents must be resolved. Internal developments within the organization may also require the redesign of processes.

SuccessDay provides support after go-live with release management, solving technical problems and incidents, regression testing, configuring business processes, environment optimization and integrations.

SuccessDay AMS differentiates favorably from its competitors in several ways:

  • Transparent pricing: you pay for the seniority needed;
  • Complete focus on customer contact and satisfaction. We do not work with an anonymous ticket box: we prefer to call;
  • No outsourcing to a country in a different time zone. Moreover, we support your employees in their native language;
  • Purchased support hours can also be used for small projects and staff training.
Tenant-Optimization Tenant Optimisation SuccessDay

Tenant Optimization

You went live with your HRIT system some time ago. The customer feedback is not great or you do not materialize your business case and want to have an independent (technical) validation. We always start with your HR strategy. Where is your company going, what does this mean for HR and what are your values? Does the HRIT system supports this HR and company strategy?

During a tenant optimization project SuccessDay performs a full analyses on the environment:

  • What are the best practices in the process configuration?
  • What amount and type of questions are being asked in the support organization?
  • Full Security and GDPR check
  • Use of data standards
  • Is latest functionality implemented and used to its maximum potential?


SuccessDay consultants deliver a full independent advisory report with recommendations. The report can be used as input for the future HRIT roadmap. If needed SuccessDay consultants can also implement the recommendations.

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